Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dang Quesadilla

Tonight I made myself a quesadilla for dinner. Obviously this falls smack dab into "Never heard of it!" territory.

"What's that?"
"A quesadilla. It's cheese and tortillas."

All these "illas" are way too ethnic for Grandma. But, she does love her some cheese, so she is holding back on her "Never heard of it!" pronouncement. Anything with cheese is definitely worth hearing of! I've been making sure to always have a block of cheddar in the house because cheese and crackers is probably the one thing I can rely on Grandma eating regularly and not forgetting about. She continues eyeing the mysterious quesadilla as I cut it and start to eat. "What is that, some kind of pancake?"

"Sure, kind of."

Grandma already made chicken noodle soup for herself, so I eat in the living room. When I come back to the kitchen, there is Grandma, hovering at the microwave and making her own little grilled cheese, no doubt inspired by the dang quesadilla!

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