Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zac Attack

I was sitting at the table flipping through the current issue of People. It includes a two page spread of Zac Efron pictures, most of which feature him shirtless (Side note, thank you People!). Grandma catches sight of this and goes, "Oooh, nice man." Then she continues, "He must be a Catholic."


"He's wearing a chain."


"Most Catholics wear chains. He must be Catholic." (I'm Catholic, this is news to me. I better go get some chains).

Grandma examines the magazine (or Zac's abs?) and is convinced. "Yup. The chain's in all the pictures. He's a Catholic." She gives a firm nod to rest her case.

Look closely though. Zac's necklace is not a cross, it's a shark tooth! Either Grandma's eyesight is going or she has a very skewed understanding of Catholicism.

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