Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Never Heard of It! Volume 5

Grandma's mind is continually blown by the modern world, but lately her claims of "Never heard of it!" are getting a little harder to believe.

A recent sampling:

After seeing the word "brainiac" in a headline, "Brainiac? Never heard of it! I never saw such a word."

Upon seeing me drinking a Fuze drink, "Fuzz? Never heard of it!"

Watching me make a tofu stir-fry, "What is that cheese? Tofu? Never heard of it!"

Trying a slice of mushroom pizza, "I like mushrooms, but on pizza? Never heard of it!" Really? How has she never seen a vegetable on a pizza?

On sour cream and onion potato chips, "Sour cream and onion? Never heard of it!" This one is especially strange because 1. I've seen her eat them before and 2. Dad and Aunt Dee report that these were always a favorite snack of hers. It's tough to tell if she's really never heard of all these exotic things or if the dementia is erasing more from her memory. Sigh....

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