Saturday, December 4, 2010

Harrison Ford

Lately Grandma has been isolating herself. She doesn't really go out or call anyone. So, I've decided to send Christmas cards in an effort to make her more social and keep her connected. I hung up some decorations and put on the Christmas Music Choice channel to get her in a festive spirit. It was working! She likes all the decorations and was even singing along to some of the songs. For a little while. Then she goes, with quite a bit of urgency, "This is nice, but my favorite actor is on."

"Who's that, Grandma?"
She is already grabbing for the remote. "Harrison Ford, oh, I like him."

Nothing says holiday spirit like "The Fugitive."


Following "The Fugitive" is "Air Force One." Of course Grandma is watching this, too!

"Two Harrison Ford movies in a row? Aren't you lucky, Grandma!"

"Oh yeah, I always liked him."

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