Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Grandma's Book Club

I've been thinking of starting a semi-regular feature here on the blog, Grandma's Book Club. Grandma is always telling me, "I gotta lotta books. You need anything to read?"

She does have a lot of books and she's always liked to read. When I was in college Grandma recommended an old thriller about a talking dolphin that also served as a spy for the U.S. government and helped to uncover Soviet nuclear secrets. So since then, I've been a little wary of her book picks.

I also wonder how her reading habits are today. My guess is that she reads the same pages/chapters/books over and over. OR, that she is reading random parts of several books and is somehow splicing the plots together into some unique hybrid story.

Tonight Grandma is reading "The Guest List" by Fern Michaels. The plot sounds like a standard romantic comedy with the supernatural addition of ghostly advice from the heroine's deceased mother. But this is what has really captured Grandma's attention. She comes out of her room into the kitchen laughing all the way. By the time she gets to me, she is doubled over! "Listen to this!" She begins to read a short passage, but this is what really has set her off:

"I climbed that damn spiky fence of yours. I'm lucky to still have my balls!"

She's still doubled over laughing and can barely speak. "Balls! I haven't heard that in years! I always knew men talked like that, but I haven't heard anyone say that in years. HA! Balls! That is hot stuff!"

According to the back cover, the gentleman lucky to have his balls is "sexy, love 'em and leave 'em Cajun playboy, Paul Brouillette."

So there is your first book recommendation from Grandma, a Cajun romance with liberal use of the word balls. Happy reading, everyone!

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