Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Bro and the Mystery of the Stolen Towels (and Bath Mat)

My youngest brother is visiting for the week. He's stopped by Grandma's and we're going out to dinner later. I had him surprise Grandma at the door. We could tell she was extra excited by all the swats that accompanied her hug. Little Bro has been living across the country and hasn't seen Grandma in over a year and a half. He does not know how pervasive Aunt Dee's criminal empire of thieves is!

I want to show him some pictures we just got of Grandma's sister and my grandpa in their World War II uniforms. When they are not immediately found, "Aunt Dee took them!" I remind Grandma that Aunt Dee is away and that I showed them to Dad the other day. "He took them!" Little Bro tries to tell Grandma she can't blame Aunt Dee for everything. Oh, Little Bro. You have so much to learn about how Grandma operates.

Little Bro wants to take a shower. Grandma, who still attempts to be a good hostess, starts looking for a towel for him. "I used to have a lot of towels, big towels, hand towels. Aunt Dee must have taken them. She took the bath mat, too! I'll hit her over the head with it!"

Little Bro is doubled over laughing! This is three thefts in less than 10 minutes!

"Next time I go to Macy's I'm gonna buy 6 towels and send Aunt Dee the bill!"

"When are you going to Macy's, Grandma?" Remember, she barely leaves the house.

"When I get the ambition and energy! And Aunt Dee can pay the bill!"

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