Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Big Day

Yesterday was a long day for Grandma, full of shenanigans.

I was away last week so my dad stayed over to keep an eye on her. Grandma's still limping, but now it's on her left side. We suspect that she was overcompensating from when she hurt the right side, and now she's pulled something on the left. Grandma, however, is sticking to her story that she swung on the gate and fell.

We took her to the doctor to get this checked out. I know she's hurting because she is actually using her cane. She has had the cane for nearly a year. Whenever I told her to use it she'd say, "I don't need it. I won't fall. I can just lean on the wall." She also keeps saying, "Oh golly!" and holding her back. Grandma is not one to complain, unless it is about someone using too much electricity.

So, Aunt Ellie and I take her to her doctor. The nurse practitioner reads her the riot act about how she doesn't eat enough and is messing up her medications. Grandma seems puzzled by this. "I lost that much weight? Oh, you're right. I need to eat more." When I tell her the same things? "Yeah, yeah, I know!"

The nurse has Grandma walk and thinks that nothing is broken because she can put weight on her feet. But, she and the doctor call in x-rays just to be sure. And here is maybe the highlight of our day. The doctor stops in to the examination room to say hello. Grandma starts giggling!
"Oh, hi Dr. R."
"How are you feeling?"
"Oh, my back is bothering me." (I think she's blushing!)
"You need to eat more, you're wasting away!"
"Oh, yeah, you're right." (more giggles!)

I think Grandma has a crush on her doctor! She doesn't giggle when I tell her to eat! Her response to me and my dad is usually along the lines of rolling her eyes or, "I don't like people telling me what to do!" If she's feeling extra feisty she might try to kick us. Definitely no giggles.

The x-ray results are supposed to be called into Dr. R. this afternoon and then he is going to call us. I hope he calls personally so I can watch Grandma blush and giggle some more.

Things Aunt Dee has Stolen:
Fitted sheets. All of them.

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