Monday, April 19, 2010

Things Aunt Dee Steals

As I mentioned, my grandma is constantly moving things and not remembering where they are. Then, when she can't find something, she accuses my aunt of stealing it. Usually with the following statement, "She sees something she wants and she takes it! She has a car. She has money. I don't know why she can't buy her own!" This happens every day, multiple times per day.

My aunt is one of the most generous people I know. The problem with this scenario, other than the obvious insult to my aunt, is that all of the things she "steals" are completely worthless!

Things Aunt Dee Steals:

Recycling calendar
Bath mat
Bobbie pins

I try to reason with my grandma. I remind her that the recycling calendar is hanging on the refrigerator. Logic. That works, right? She goes to inspect the calendar on the fridge and says, "Oh. But, I had a better one. Aunt Dee stole it."

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