Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wake Up Call

This morning my phone woke me up. I checked the time, 6:39am. It's Grandma. In the other room.

"Someone needs to come pick me up!" (Again, I am just two rooms away from her).
"Why are you up so early?"
"What? It's nighttime. I have a doctor's appointment! Someone needs to take me!"
"It's Sunday, and it's 6:30 in the morning. Your appointment is tomorrow."
"It's Sunday and it's morning. Go back to bed."
"Oh. Well. I don't know what I was thinking then. Isn't that funny. Sorry to bother you."

It turns out Grandma had a busy morning. She called Aunt Ellie with the same questions at 6:15am. And then called her again 20 minutes later. And then called me. She does have an appointment tomorrow with her neurologist. So I guess it's good that she remembered that? We'll certainly have a lot to talk about with him.

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